We take care of your property.

SardinianProperties is not a real estate agency, but a company that offers management, maintenance and custody services for your properties.

SardinianProperties was created by Dino Serra, a freelance surveyor, to provide the skills and references the he has gained through over 20 years of work. This is for anyone that owns or wishes to purchase property in South Sardinia, but does not have anyone on site who can take care of and enhance their investments with in a professional and transparent manner.


The company was established to meet the demand for holiday home management services in southern Sardinia.
Given the lack of aggregate professional figures, the owner of the property is often forced to turn to multiple individual craftsmen who do not have the technical skills and legal requirements to carry out such interventions.

Thanks to an integrated vision of technical and administrative services and a team of professional collaborators with multidisciplinary skills residing in the area, Sardinian Properties is the right partner for those who want to maximize the value of their property by interfacing with a single party that can manage every aspect.



The working philosophy is to avoid surprises, to interact with customers with the utmost timeliness and clarity.

We want to make highly qualified and regulated professional figures available to owners, so as to provide our customers with an absolute guarantee of high added value management and maintenance of their property in Sardinia.