Highly qualified technical services, which will allow you to delegate the complete management of your property, reduce costs and optimize time.

Technical Services

We have twenty years of experience in offering technical services with high added value and we know specifically the national legislation and regional and local regulations.

We also employ independent local professionals who know the territory deeply.

  • Drafting of C.A.V. (holiday home) rental application files and obtaining the required Italian U.N. code for short-term leases;
  • Drafting of planning of applications for obtaining building permit authorizations;
  • Drafting of land registry documents;
  • Works management;
  • Safety coordination during the execution of the works;
  • Obtaining and renewal of property liveability approval;
  • Energy performance certificates for sales or leases;
  • Inventory services;
  • “Due Diligence” complete analysis of urban planning and cadastral compliance with corrective and supplementary interventions to always have an updated documentation faithful to the real situation.

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