Real Estate Management Plans

It is a tailor-made service, designed to meet your specific needs, at the best possible price.


Sardinian Properties takes over your property with a property management and maintenance program against a monthly fee.

Not all properties are the same and we also know that the owners can have different needs. This is why we offer the possibility of signing customized contracts following the vision of the property and composed only of the services you need.

Below, in attachment, three types of management and maintenance plans:

How it works:

A few steps is all it takes to enjoy the countless advantages:

Inspection and evaluation

In the presence of the owner or a proxy with power of attorney, a complete inspection of the property is carried out, all useful documents are obtained and specific needs are assessed.

Plan choice

You can decide to take advantage of one of the types of contracts that Sardinian Properties proposes or create one designed for specific needs.


We will prepare the economic proposal of the requested service.

Contract stipulation

The contract is stipulated upon acceptance of the proposal. The contract lasts one year and is automatically renewed. Cancellation must be notified in writing three months before the deadline. Payments are made in advance as follows: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly.


From day one of the contract, we will immediately take care of your property and meet all your expectations!

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