Sardinian Properties manages all administrative services "in house" relieving you of any concerns related to deadlines or to the constant mutation of local and national laws.

Administrative Services

We are a unique reality in Sardinia that offers the services of qualified professionals, carefully selected and constantly monitored.

Our administration services for your property include:

  • “Key holding” and assignment to suppliers, tenants and guests;
  • Holding a dedicated bank account;
  • Assistance in the activation, renewal and cancellation of home insurance;
  • Payment of supplier invoices, local taxes, utilities and condominium fees;
  • Control and collection of ordinary mail;
  • For cars and boats, assistance with servicing and payment of property taxes;
  • Periodic reading of water and electricity meters;
  • Representative service in consortium and condominium meetings;
  • Representative service towards local suppliers and authorities;
  • Sending monthly reports including photographic documentation



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